Why I’m Loving Pure HandKnit Fashions

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One of my favourite Brands is Pure HandKnit. When I first got a chance to see the winter collection I was really impressed with the overall quality and styles. Who knew handknit fashions could be so trendy? I’m really looking forward to finding out what you think of the new spring and summer collection.The designs are all created and crafted in 100% cotton, using distinctive shells, oversized cotton coconut shell, hand-punched tin and exclusive ceramic buttons. And, each piece is individually hand-knit by skilled women artisans in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Once I heard about their serious commitment to sustainability, education and sponsorship, I knew Pure Handknit was definitely a brand that we needed to feature at Betula Boutique.

Not only does Pure Handknit employ over 4500 women, the company also believes that ethical work standards are fundamental. All of their staff receives paid health care, including maternity leave. Education is also a main focus. Paid continuing education, including free English classes are offered to all staff, their family and friends. Several staff members are even in the process of completing their masters degree.

Pure Handknit donates any excess yarn to several non- governmental organizations and women’s groups where it’s used for income generating projects. They’re also pretty forward thinking when it comes to environmental practices. They recycle everything from paper, cardboard, plastic, glass to metal. They also have implemented the latest technologies when building and upgrading their facilities. I loved hearing that Pure Handknit also supports over ten foundations including the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the WE Women Foundation. They support the Mae Tao Clinic which was founded and directed by Dr. Cynthia Maung and provides free health care for refugees, migrant workers and other individuals who cross the border from Burma to Thailand. The professionals who work at the clinic commit to at least a year of their time, their expertise and training.
Definitely a brand that I can say I’m proud to sell and wear. I hope that you have a chance to come into the shop and fall in love with their designs, the way I have.

Erin ♥

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