Fall Fashion 2013

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By Anne Carolyn

Normally fashion articles are so wrapped up in telling you about the shocking outfits or the new trends on the runway that they forget to tell you how to work those trends into your everyday wardrobe. For example, if I told you that the lines of the 40’s have clashed with punk just how would you know how to shop?

Fashion always strives to be exciting and this fall is exceptional. There’s literally a style for everyone so you just have to find which one(s) suits you. There’s lace, studs, fur, leather, prints, belts, leggings and boots in every shape and colour. It’s the attention to small details this year that will allow you to make your statement.

You’ll find fur on coats, handbags, boots and even sunglasses but if that’s a little over the top for you, look for a sweater that has fur accents around the edges or a fur scarf. Likewise for studs and lace find something that has some stud or lace detailing on the shoulders or sleeves instead of allowing the detail to consume the outfit.

My personal favourite trend for fall 2013 is pulling as many different fabrics together as possible to create one complete outfit. For example feel free to throw on some fleece lined leather leggings from Cest Moi, affordable suede or leather boots (high or short in length), a plaid blouse, a heavy knit cardigan and maybe a fur scarf. I’m sure you can find some of these pieces in your current wardrobe, so you only need to add a bit to create the majority of this look. By substituting a blouse or a cardigan, you can create a few different looks, which is always nice.

Although this year it seems like designers have used every colour they could think and black is still the queen, grey and blue are the strongest colours and red and pink the hottest warm ones. If you’re not a huge pink fan, try diving into the berry colours such as magenta, burgundy and eggplant. You will find some amazing lifestyle tops in these colours that are great for the fall. When looking at print animals are everywhere as well as the rose in various forms.

Coats are large and relaxed in their fit. Handbags have added colour and can be large and textured or even micro in size. Dresses are body hugging or reflect the lines from the 40’s hitting the knee and belted at the waist.
Finally, jewelry can be worn two ways, either dainty or a focal point to make a statement with oversize and even chunky being perfect.

– Thanks very much to Anne Carolyn for writing this piece for us for The Glasshouse Home and Garden Magazine (Fall 2013)

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See you soon… Erin ♥

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